I work with people who choose to explore their lives to gain more insight, direction and understanding - but are often unsure of where to begin, where to go, or even what is possible.  

Together, we discover who you truly are inside - and - provide options for personal growth based on your own individual needs and requirements.  

Personal growth and self-development must be seeded with a strong foundation of emotional, cognitive and spiritual awareness.  I help people build their foundation in a safe, trusting, supportive environment.

I help move you forward by providing the tools, techniques, stratagem, motivation and understanding needed to succeed, thrive and be fulfilled...  no matter what is going on around you.

Presentations & Workshops

Learn to Relax - Control Stress, Tension and Anxiety
Release Emotional Baggage and “Stuff” that No Longer Serves Y
Step Back from the Abyss and On to Solid Gro
Break Free from Victimhood, Self Doubt, Insecu

Create a Powerful and Viable Vision for Your Life
Maximize Your Seven Intelligences
Personal Growth & Self Awareness – Discover Who You are TODAY
Pragmatic Spirituality – Clarify Your Life Mission and Purp

Moving From Can Not to Can DO
Managing and Mastering Change and Transition
When it is Time to Move On - Reclaim Your Life and Move Forward

Fulfillment: The Missing (or Misplaced) Component in Life
Achieving a Viable Work/Life Balance
Manifest and Attract What You Want, Need and Deserve
The Mindset of Transition - Growth - Success


1.    “What (the heck) Happened?”

This strategic program is primarily targeted to people age 50+ years old – who while moving towards the pinnacle of their personal life journey and/or professional career path, had the rug yanked out from under them.  

They now find themselves facing challenges they never thought they would face (especially at this stage in life), often distanced from friends and colleagues and engulfed in a state of emotional overwhelm, shock, anger and grief.  

This Integrative Program provides the tools, support, options and stratagem to help them recover, reclaim and regain control of their life. 

2.    “Be Strong,  Solid and in Control During Times of Uncertainty, Transition and Change”

This vital segment derived from the “Your Best Whole Self” Program is designed to get people emotionally solid and secure no matter what else is going on in their lives.  

It helps people manage and master change and transition, high pressure environments, difficult people, challenging situations and circumstances, etc. by connecting with and drawing from the strength and wisdom within themselves.    

3.        “Get Off the Emotional Roller Coaster

Life, circumstances and events can come at you hard and fast. You need to think clearly - make good decisions – respond quickly - both at home and at work.  That’s hard to do if you have a thrill ride racing in your brain and triggering overwhelm, fear, anxiety…  

It’s time to get you back “in the driver’s seat” and thinking clearly, making well-founded decisions, on solid emotional footing and in control!  My Integrative Program will help you do that.  

And Coming Soon….

1. “Being Different and Creative in an ‘In the Box’ World”

2. “Beyond the Bucket List - A Mid-Life Assessment”


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