Professional Services offered by Don Alan Lucas, ccht

Areas of Focus:

1.   Workshops - Presentations - Lectures

                 A.   Individuals

                 B.   Workplace

2.   Workplace Performance Coaching / Consulting

3.   Life Transition Coach / Strategist / Confidant

4.   Pragmatic Spiritual Counsel / Integrative Healing Arts 

5.   Outreach & Strategic Marketing


1.   Workshops - Presentations - Lectures

            A.   Presentations and Workshops for People:

Featured:   "Preserving Your Integrity and Sanity in a Post-Truth Era."   

                         " Managing and Mastering Change and Transition"

Focus on RECOVERY:
The Worst is Over:  Reclaim Your Life

Learn to Relax - Control Stress, Tension and Anxiety
Release Emotional Baggage and “Stuff” that No Longer Serves Y
Recovery from Poor Choices and Self Inflicted Pain
Break Free from Victimhood, Self Doubt, Insecu

Create a Powerful and Viable Vision for Your Life
Maximize Your Seven Intelligences
Personal Growth & Self Awareness – Discover Who You are TODAY
Pragmatic Spirituality – Clarify Your Life Mission and Purpose

Moving From Can Not to Can DO
Managing and Mastering Change and Transition
When it is Time to Move On - Reclaim Your Life and Move Forward 

Fulfillment: The Missing (or Misplaced) Component in Life
Achieving a Viable Work/Life Balance
Manifest and Attract What You Want, Need and Deserve
The Mindset of Transition - Growth - Success


     B.     Wrrkplace Presentations - Workshops - Consulting

I help the management, staff and end-users of organizations and community programs that serve the greater good, to engage a mindset and a culture of positive emotional health & wellness.  The primary focus is on the human dynamics and culture of the organization and its impact on the bottom-line.

Enhancing Employee Engagement – Reducing Employee Withdraw and Disengagement

The Mindset of Transition - Growth - Success - Change

Integrate Individual and Organizational Values

Be Emotionally Solid with Uncertainty, Transition and Change

Gain Control Over Stress, Tension and Anxiety

Move from Can Not to CAN DO”

Create a Viable Work/Life Balance

When it is Time to Leave: Emotional Off-Boarding

The Power of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Move Beyond the Limitations of Technology and the Spreadsheet  


2.   Workplace Performance Coaching / Consulting

I provide emotional support counseling and coaching focusing on performance, quality of work and productivity of staff.

 I work with a valued employee who is having difficulty fitting in with the rest of the team to better integrate with the other staff.  

I work with management/staff where personal issues are impacting the employee's job performance and effectiveness -   and provide the necessary tools, processes and techniques they need to move beyond their issue/problem and focus on their duties, so they will perform at peak efficiency. 

This means that the organization gains a productive employee and minimize the "presenteeism-disengaged"* impact, without having to spend all the money, time and resources involved in hiring, training and bringing another person up to speed.


3.   Life Transition Coach / Strategist / Confidant


The primary focus of my work centers around three life challenges and/or needs people encounter:

 They are facing, or experiencing a significant change, crossroads or transition in their life and they want to regain control and move forward.

Their life is "not working" - lacking direction and/or purpose and they know there is something better, but do not know what to do about it.

They need a safe, unbiased and confidential place to get clarity, think through thoughts, sound out ideas and issues, check assumptions, get validation or a second opinion, explore possibilities, determine next steps -  and then move forward successfully.     

I help people move forward by drawing from more than 35 years of business consulting and personal experience, diverse and integrated therapeutic techniques, education and training - so together we can achieve their desired outcomes and results. 

I help people to:  see their life clearly - make good decisions  - communicate effectively - make best choices - take the appropriate actions that enhance their life.    


4.  Pragmatic Spiritual Counsel / Integrative Healing Arts

 I provide individual counseling, coaching and integrative healing services utilizing a variety of modalities, including; 

 Clinical Hypnotherapy, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Traditional & Alternative Counseling,  Guided Imagery, Somatic Healing, Reiki and Integrative Energy Healing. 

Primary Areas of Focus 

Self Awareness/Self Discovery/Self Care  -  Grief and Loss  -   Practical Spirituality  - Healing Old Wounds  -   Manifesting and Attracting   -   Personal Responsibility  -  Stress/Anxiety  -   Personal Mindset   -   Recovery from Illness   -   Reclaiming Your Life and Moving Forward

5.   Outreach  & Strategic Marketing

I design, develop and implement outreach and marketing programs centered on personal and organizational value systems.  I have a verifiable track record of motivating people to work together, over time, to benefit themselves, their families, their organization and their community.

Programs are based on inter-personal communication, education and awareness, human dynamics and solid business practices.  

  Influence and embrace difficult, hard to reach and resistant audiences

  Engage and procure the “higher hanging fruit” and niche markets

  Enhance and leverage current markets and customer bases 

  Retain and enhance existing clients and end users

  Capture addressable markets and clients who have not been engaged by previous efforts 


Representative Business Clientele

AT&T - Pacific Bell - BellSouth - Apple Computer - United States Navy - Walt Disney Productions - Nestle USA - StarKist Foods

Kaiser Permanente - Blue Cross of California - Health Net – California Department of Mental Health - California Department of Health Services  - California Association of Rural Health Clinics

Caltrans Headquarters & Districts Statewide - California Air Resources Board  - South Coast Air Quality Management District  - Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana Regional Council of Government

Air Quality and Department of Transportation: States of CA, OH, OR, WA, NY, TX, PA, NJ, GA, CT - Southern California Edison - LA Department of Water & Power - County of Santa Barbara