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Concierge Counseling Program

The Concierge Counseling & Coaching Program is simple and straightforward. 

For a monthly retaining fee, you get:

            1.   Unlimited time for counseling & coaching.  (Think unlimited cell phone data and minutes.)

            2.   Sessions 15-90 minutes.  (You don’t have to wait until something major is going on.)

            3.   Sessions provided same day – or within 24 hours – weekends and evenings

            4.   Sessions conducted online (Skype, FaceTime) or via phone (Saving a carbon blueprint)

            5.   Month to month arrangement - after an initial three month agreement

 All this for a flat monthly fee.

 I will still provide traditional “fee for service” (my usual services and rates) for individual and relationship counseling & coaching, energy/reiki work, clinical hypnotherapy (limited), somatic healing – and of course workshops, lectures and presentations. 

I am excited to offer this new counseling option.  The feedback from clients has validated the worth and advantages of the program.  The top 4 expressed benefits were:

            1.   Being able to get an appointment while the issue was “hot” and not days later.  Help when it was needed most.

            2.   Not having to travel to an appointment.

            3.   Being able to explore issues more thoroughly and not worry about time and cost factors.

            4.   No need to “stretch” a 15 minute session to an hour just to fill time.  Can call whenever needed....  even just to “check-in.” 

That’s it, plain and simple.  Most importantly, you get ME!!!!!!


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